The waist slimming vest that will give you an hourglass figure & Instant breast lift that will stop traffic ! This under bust vest controls the waist and abdomen with adjustable hook and eye front closure compressing the torso while lifting the breast.


Control back fat , Back rolls and stubborn abdominal fat from every angle with maximum support while wearing this waist training vest .

The waist training vest features adjustable straps for a comfortable and secure fit you can rely on all day. The high-cut design smooths back fat around your bra and back area.This vest is More than shape wear, This vest creates a lifestyle that excites celebrities and regular women now and days .

These quality waist trainers are imported from Colombia: The world-renowned creators of premium shapewear. They’re dual layered with a latex exterior that creates an extra-tight squeeze, and a natural cotton interior for breathable comfort. Wear it for instant curves, better posture, decreased appetite, and a sexy flat stomach. Over time, you’ll love watching your waistline slim and back rolls disappear as it creates amazing curves.


  • Authentic Colombian shapewear gives you quality results
  • Adjustable straps and 2 rows of hook-and-eyes for a custom fit
  • 4 FlexiBone rods provide a maximum hourglass shape while allowing you to move comfortably
  • Standard Length and high-cut design controls your waistline and back fat
  • Dual-layered latex exterior and breathable cotton interior for the best in comfort and control
  • Increased core thermal activity to naturally burn fat off your waist and back

An instant hourglass figure is only the beginning. Wear it every day for 4 weeks for 6-8 hours a day, and you’ll lose up to 4-inches off your waist. The two rows of hook-and-eye closures allow you to slim down even more, so you’ll finally achieve a sexy figure worth flaunting.



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